About us

About us


With many years of experience in the packaging production, in 2002 Mrs. Anelia Ghiuseleva established the production company AG PACKAGINGLtd. Three years later, in 2005, she founded the commercial organization NEW BAGS Ltd. The group, is closely specialized in the design and manufacture of luxury paper bags. The whole concept of production is dictated by the needs of the Western European market. Due to the experience and qualifications of its managers and production staff, the group gradually won its position as a leading manufacturer of this class of products.


The company staff counts more than 130 employees, who are able to fulfill a closed process with all the different phases from the design and graphic studio through the printing machines, all finishing operations and finally the manual folding. Each bag is folded by hand as it’s being given great attention to every detail. 



 The final product passes through production process, which includes:

- System of quality management - the company is certificated under EN ISO 9001:2008.

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which helps to organize and optimize the workflow.

- Suppliers: To meet the quality requirements, all of the used materials are delivered by leading, certified suppliers.


To satisfy the most exigent customers, the company offers a wide range of models and formats. With more than 350 standard sizes which may be of varying height, the diversity of products is complemented by a rich assortment of finishing operations - lamination, hot stamping in different colors, UV, which may be matt, or gloss, full or selective, caps /eyelets/, variety of punched handles, transparent windows, relief and protective sheets.  


Businesswoman for 2004